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Creativity and Entrepreneurship Center


In light of the global and local increasing interest in entrepreneurship and encouragement of ambitious ideas and entrepreneurial projects for youth that contribute to the growth of knowledge economy, King Abdulaziz University is keen to pioneer in this field. This interest comes in continuation of what is started in its three strategic plans that underscore quality, universality and sustainability, and excellence in scientific research, community service and entrepreneurship. The Saudi vision 2030 had a great impact on developing this strategic direction for the university. There is a remarkable movement in the university affiliated entities that are into nurturing talent, creativity, and supporting ideas, activities and entrepreneurial projects. Such growing interest and movement in past years resulted in the establishment of a number of entities that support this strategic direction of the university in particular and of the country in general. Creativity and Entrepreneurship Center sets at the forefront of these entities. It seeks to be a creative, pioneering, and interactive platform that serves the university and community in the field of creativity and entrepreneurship. The center works for providing an integrated model that includes efforts to educate university students about entrepreneurship, nurturing creative people, incubation of projects with scientific and economic values, and acceleration of business of emerging companies. The center provides this service through its two arms represented by business incubators and business accelerators.

Sector’s Goals

  • Support transformation of the university into an innovative and creative university.
  • Attract and nurture creative and innovative students of the university.
  • Spread entrepreneurship culture inside and outside the university community.
  • Support distinguished entrepreneurs to develop and introduce their innovative ideas to the market.
  • Motivate entrepreneurs to make their research commercially beneficial and to help them transform their ideas and research into demanded products and services.
  • Activate role of business incubators at the university to make them primary work environment and a benchmark to the labor market.
  • Establish an award of President of the University in entrepreneurship, to incite entrepreneurship activities.
  • Qualify and equip students with knowledge and skills to present innovative ideas and new products to be invested in launching entrepreneurial projects.


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