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General Directorate of social Responsibility


Social responsibility in present time is a fundamental element of growth of societies where citizens bear responsibility, something that is sought by Saudi Vision 2030 in its clause titled ‘ambitious nation’. This clause is distinguished by its two elements, an effective government and a responsible citizen. It aims at transforming into a high-performance government marked by effectiveness, transparency, and accountability, and enabling citizens, private sector, and non-profit institutions to take initiative in exploring opportunities to achieve the goals of the vision.
Saudi Arabia recently approved law of national commission for social responsibility for private sector, which aims to regulate social responsibility, set strategies, develop performance of the companies, and activate their role in sustainable development and community service. Hence, the university has always sought pioneering in social responsibility through the establishment of the General Directorate of Social Responsibility at King Abdulaziz University.

Sector’s Goals

  • To consolidate concept of social responsibility.
  • To set strategies and regulations that may contribute to developing and organizing areas of community service inside and outside the university.
  • To provide logistic support in cooperation with various sectors and specialties.
  • To execute and promote social initiatives and programs offered by the university sectors.
  • To contribute to unifying efforts exerted in community service through coordination and arrangement between units of community partnerships and community service in the various sectors of the university to create an appropriate and effective work environment, and adopting the principle of team work.


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