Vice presidency for business and Knowledge creativity




In its attempt to cope with the fast changes in the field of Business Development and Knowledge Creativity, KAU has seized the initiative by creating the Vice Presidency for Business & Knowledge Creativity.   In fact, a royal decree was issued for its foundation in 1430 H, corresponding to 2009.

    The Vice Presidency for Business & Knowledge Creativity has made its top priority the realization of KAU's vision of disseminating the culture of creativity, and knowledge acquisition; as well as the consolidation of sustainable development.  Hence, it has set great priority on the implementation of the goals of its strategic plans towards the construction of a business and knowledge-based society.   Indeed, such a society would be established by a generation of pioneers in the field of innovation and creation of a sophisticated business and knowledge alliance economy.

    The Vice Presidency for Business & Knowledge Creativity – in the light of the generous financial support extended by the Saudi Government to KAU in particular, and Saudi Higher Education in general – realizes that that the achievement of this ambitious vision requires meticulous planning and creative implementation particularly since the University is well-equipped with creative potentials and intelligent academic staff; as well as distinguished and talented students.  Consequently, these bright minds will undoubtedly assist in the realization of this vision.


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Last Update 1/24/2011 2:34:41 PM