Vice presidency for business and Knowledge creativity

Business & Knowledge Alliance



 The Business & Knowledge Alliance was founded in 2005 as a scientific and applied alliance that conforms to international standards for creativity and self-reliance with the aim of transferring technology in partnership and integration between the various KAU sectors and the national business environment – taking into account the best interests of the nation and Saudi citizens.

The Business & Knowledge Alliance is considered one of the most important KAU sectors, as it supports and assists the industrial sector and other existing knowledge-based services through the reduction of labor costs and enhancement of competitiveness.  In fact, the industrial sector can greatly benefit from KAU’s staff members, technicians, students, laboratories and research centers.

          It is noteworthy that the Business & Knowledge Alliance consists of a number of sectors that collectively seek to support the progress of the University's business sector and nurture its creative potentials. These sectors include: knowledge parks, business Incubators, central laboratories and  expertise houses .


Business & Knowledge Alliance


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