Vice presidency for business and Knowledge creativity

Speech of Vice President for Business & Knowledge Creativity


    The establishment of the Vice Presidency for Business & Knowledge Creativity came in response to the rapid progress in information technology; its close link with economics; and the innovation of sophisticated methods for the construction of modern knowledge-based societies.   Indeed, the traditional economics approach where theoretical research is carried out in complete isolation from reality is no longer valid. Nowadays, education is strongly linked to developments occurring continuously and simultaneously with information technology innovations.  As for economics, this particular field or domain of knowledge has witnessed tangible developments, resulting in the emergence of a new discipline – namely, Educational Economics.   This new discipline seeks to highlight the role of education in economics and the development of human and financial resources.  In fact, this is exactly the goal that KAU’s Vice Presidency for Business & Knowledge Creativity is attempting to achieve through the activation of the role of the University in the accumulation of knowledge and the service of the community.

     Consequently, one can appreciate the Kingdom's concentration in recent years on University education, and the need for its expansion to all the various regions of the Kingdom, with the intention of raising the standards of specialized personnel in technical and economic domains.  This will create an educational renaissance under the leadership of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz.  Moreover, it will provide a wide-ranging synthesis and long-term strategy for the global transformations currently taking place –  as the Kingdom advances into a new era where it will play a leading role, and adapt itself to the winds of change whose indicators are already clearly visible in the fields of education, technology and economics.
     Forecasting the future in the present time remains a crucial issue and a legitimate goal for all as we fathom its depth and unravel its essence.   In fact, this is exactly what the prudent Saudi leadership has done – establishing the Kingdom's firm foothold in the progress towards global leadership.
Hence, the Vice Presidency  for Business & Knowledge  Creativity was founded in order to create a fertile environment for future transformations towards the construction of a modern knowledge society at KAU, through the provision of distinguished and efficient creativity potentials.  Moreover, this will assist in enhancing KAU’s ranking among accredited international universities through the utilization and domestication of modern technology.  In reality, we can only have new sophisticated inventions, once we have technology.  And once we domesticate technology, we can rely less on imported technology and its mere consumption without any added value.


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