Vice presidency for business and Knowledge creativity


In pursuit of King Abdulaziz university to keep pace with rapid changes in business development, innovation and knowledge, established the Vice Presidency for Business and knowledge Creativity in 1430, and appointed HE Dr. Ahmed Hamed nagadi as a Vice President for business and knowledge Creativity , and it was established to achieve to several strategic objectives represented by:

-        Development of innovation and creativity in the educational process and care of talented and creative employees and affiliates, whether the university (faculty, administrators, technicians, students).

-        Effective contribution to the development of knowledge economies through partnership between educational and research institutions on the one hand and the business community on the other.
-        Work on the development of self-financing sources for the university and increased it.

To achieve these strategic goals, the university sought and agency business knowledge and creativity to reach them through the following points:

First: building innovative thinking and the development of thought leadership among students and graduates.

Vice Presidency worked to develop and support innovative thinking and the discovery of the creative energies and develop the staff of the university and affiliates, in order to achieve this we has the following:

1) establishment of an award, "University Director for innovation award" in accordance with Resolution No. 11796 / s and the date 17/9/1432 based on the recommendation of the Vice President for Business and knowledge Creativity, which aims to show the creative work and distinctive aspects that contribute ed by the university in the academic environment and knowledge community in disciplines of knowledge, technical and administrative and the Vice Presidency which identifying areas of award annually.


2) development of an integrated project to develop administrative leadership aims to develop an integrated system, including the work environment for the preparation of the student leadership and staff training and development of student leadership skills gained in the labor market, and the implementation of what came second in the Strategic Plan of the University.

3) the contract between of King Abdul Aziz University represented by the “Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz for Social Research humanity” and the Ministry of Education on the work of three projects under the supervision of HE the Vice President for Business and innovation knowledge, Vice President of the Higher Supervisory Committee and the Vice presidency of the Rector had been:

  • project gifted schools.
  • Project Research Methods, creativity and innovation.
  • Project curriculum talented.

The second axis: the commercialization of intellectual property in the establishment of companies, technology transfer and business incubators.

1) establishment of the Department of Intellectual Property under the decision of the Rector No. 14 213 / s and date of 12/11/1432 as one of the departments of the Vice Presidency, which aims to promote a culture of innovation and protect intellectual property rights of creators and innovators, both within the university or from outside the investment of those ideas and marketing to build a partnership effective between the university and industrial sectors, business, and has been said that decision based on the recommendations of the regular meetings held by the Commission "to develop mechanisms for the management of intellectual property rights and the university"


2) formation of "Wadi Jeddah Company" a wholly owned subsidiary of the University in 1431 under Royal Decree M / 20 dated 15/4/1431 corresponding to 31/3/2010, which is the investment arm of the King Abdul Aziz University to achieve a set of goals - for example, and not limited to: -

  • Investment in the technology industry and the resettlement and development.
  • creation of university students to work in the private sector through training and rehabilitation and the provision of suitable employment during the academic phase.
  • Investment patents and intellectual property rights and industrial designs.
  • provide opportunities for investment in scientific research and development for faculty members.
  • providing consultancy in the field of educational development, scientific research and technology industry.
  • Investment in the development of land allocated for Wadi Jeddah from the territory of the university available.

The Vice Presidency worked to harness all the obstacles and difficulties faced by the fledgling company, and is currently following up the work the company commissioned by the Higher management of the University.

Axis III: activation of decades of international cooperation with universities and various international bodies.

1) the launch of a chair, "Ethics and controls funding," in collaboration with the University of Sorbonne, Paris -1 Panthéon, came within the framework of the implementation of the joint cooperation agreement between King Abdul Aziz University and the University of Sorbonne, Paris -1 Panthéon to support the convergence of cultural thought between the Kingdom and France have held many of seminars among a group of professors, specialists from the two universities.

2) the opening of the Saudi Center of Business Administration at the University of the Spanish in Madrid (IE) the culmination of a memorandum of understanding between King Abdul Aziz University and the University of Business Administration (IE) in Madrid, has held an international conference in Madrid Stock Exchange Securities during the period 4-5 Rajab 1431, corresponding to 16-17 June 2010 with the participation of the Institute of Islamic Economics under the title "Beyond the crisis: Islamic finance in the new financial system" and the confirmation of the keenness of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support the bridges of communication between different civilizations.

3) approve the establishment of three scientific chairs with UNESCO, namely:

  • UNESCO Chair of coral reefs.
  • UNESCO Chair of Desertification.
  • UNESCO Chair of geological hazards.

4) access to course special for the Tourism Institute at King KAU is compatible with the needs of the labor market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia post with the Institute of Lausanne, Switzerland, and with faculty members and technicians privileged to work the institute, and has been training and leadership development and academic by training sessions held School in Lausanne, Switzerland, comes in the light of the development of academic leaders and get a special course work to improve the mental image of the field work of students.

Theme IV: Preservation of the University of Finance and Revenue to achieve the highest possible return on investment.

1) established the "Investment Management" as one of the departments of the Vice Presidency for Business  and knowledge creativity, which aims to:

  • The development of the wealth of the university and the investment of cash surpluses have to achieve the highest possible return.
  • Study and assess the chances of the university and the expected future investment, and work on the development of the current financial investments in order to achieve the highest possible return on investment.
  • Development of the investment plan for the financial surpluses of the University's resources to ensure optimal use of these resources.

2) The optimal investment in the University's resources under the partnership contracts with Valley grandfather to find new sources of funding for the University's benefit is to increase revenues

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