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General Administration for Self Resources


In light of the rapid growth of paid educational programs, and research and advisory services provided by the university, higher administration of the university came up with an insightful idea to establish General Administration for Self Resources. It is an independent administration that manages projects funded by resources other than the financial allocations of the university budget. Such resources involve grants, wills, revenues of the university properties, and revenues of paid services provided by the university through the Deanship of Community Service and Continuous Education and Research and Consulting Institute among other various university sectors.
The administration was first launched under the title of ‘Self Resources Unit’ by virtue of resolution No.123365/ق dated 21/09/1424 AH of the university president. The resolution was followed by another resolution of the university president No. 12826/ق, dated 13/08/ 1427 AH for appointment of a general supervisor for the administration. The supervisor was appointed to handle tasks and powers delegated to the administration by the university. Subsequent administrative resolutions of the university president were issued for delegation of powers necessary for achieving objectives of the administration. The administration is affiliated to the university vice president and functions in accordance with policies and strategies set out by higher committee for self resources programs. The committee is headed by the university president. Members of the committee include vice presidents, deans of Community Service and Continuous Education and Research and Consultation Institute, and a number of administrative leaderships of the university.
Then, resolution No. 11312/ق, dated 14/09/1428 AH of the university president was issued to amend the title of ‘Self Resources Unit’ to ‘General Administration of Self Resources’. Later, resolution No. 13372/ق, dated 21/10/1437 AH of the university president was issued to organize self resources activities of the university. ‘General Administration of Self Resources’ was renamed to become ‘General Administration for Self Resources’ with administrative affiliation to Vice President for Business and Knowledge Creativity.

Sector’s Goals

  • To supervise revenues and expenditures of self resourced programs that are funded by resources other than the financial allocations of the university budget.
  • To develop cooperation and interaction between the university and the private sector with respect to self resourced educational programs.
  • To activating academic programs and research in accordance with general framework of the university policy through the Deanship of Community Service and Continuous Education and the Institute for Research and Consultation.
  • To improve performance in order to achieve distinction within the framework of the general plan of university, and to ensure provision of opportunity for staff members General Administration of Self Resources to attend training courses for skills development.
  • To implement quality instructions and procedures in accordance with international quality standards.
  • To develop university’s own resources by investing revenues of the university properties and endowments, marketing of services, and conducting research projects, studies and academic services provided to various sectors of community.
  • To coordinate and follow-up with the academic departments at the university through direction of efforts of the General Administration of Self Resources towards developing new programs and centers of excellence with respect to scientific programs and research.
  • To create scientific patterns for developing university self resources, and to devise methods of investing them in order to increase proportion of contribution in funding university projects in coordinating with the competent authorities.
  • To manage financial expenditures for all programs of self resources in line with strategic plan of the university in order to make the most of self generated revenues in development of educational process.


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