Vice presidency for business and Knowledge creativity




1.     Transforming KAU into an advanced research university that relies on modern knowledge and sophisticated advanced technologies.

2.     Developing a knowledge-based economy through emphasis on new disciplines in education and training; and coping with rapid information technology development.

3.     Promoting the national economy through applied economic studies and information systems.

4.     Innovating creative means in business administration and its development.

5.     Establishing local and international partnerships with educational institutions and reputable technological and scientific centers which can benefit KAU in applied and scientific knowledge.

6.     Building confidence between KAU and the community, and other external institutions particularly in matters that relate to the University’s existing knowledge-based economy programs.

7.     Encouraging creativity and excellence among KAU affiliates – including staff members, students, administrators and technicians.

8.     Providing a suitable environment for creative projects, and introducing them to the labor market through business partners.

9.     Recruiting distinguished staff members in order to consolidate knowledge-based economy programs.


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Last Update 1/24/2011 2:38:55 PM