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Research & Consulting Institute



            The Research & Consulting Institute was founded in 1997 as a national research & consultation think tank offering its services in the fields of consultation, research and development – through contracts with relevant sectors.   It administers its activities with a flexibility that suits the requirements of the private sector.   Moreover, the Research & Consulting Institute has recruited distinguished KAU academic staff.   In fact, its cadres consist of more than 2,500  highly qualified experts who obtained their doctoral degrees from the most reputable American, European and international universities in various specializations; as well as research assistants and specialized technicians, and graduate students.

The services the Institute offers rely on KAU’s existing available resources, various faculties, and over 100 scientific departments.  Moreover, it relies on its specialized research centers, well-equipped laboratories, libraries with access to international databases, and information systems that depend on advanced technological databases.    

The Institute offers numerous services in the form of consultations, research, contract-based studies, academic supervision, and Scientific Chairs.


Research & Consulting  Institute


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